The Society for the Purposefully Purposeless holds regular meetings, to traverse the vast expanses of the greater here and the longer now.

The Society’s meetings are currently held under three different tracks:

Thinking Together
Thinking Deep
Thinking Far
numberThinking Far
As stated in its founding declaration, SoPP believes that “the world to be will likely be shaped by realities we have yet to see. Together with kindred spirits who share our curiosity, our challenge is to imagine that future world.”

Accordingly, the Thinking Far track format was designed as the exercise of looking past the veil of non-linearity cloaking the possible twists and turns of a seemingly mercurial future. The meeting participants engage in fiction-based scenarios shaped by heretofore unimagined predictive analytical models and explore non-linear patterns of social change that might pave the way to that fictive future configuration. .
numberThinking Deep
The inspiration for the "Thinking Deep" series stems from the idea that a true understanding of the present and of its possibilities requires embracing the variables in full and in their disquiet. To challenge the boundaries of ‘now’ and imagine the parallel futures that lay in wait, we utilise ‘unbundling’ as a thought experiment through which concepts that we consider inseparable are emancipated. Imagine a symphony with each instrument’s part of the harmony untwined. A lone bassoon is left perhaps, carrying its melody beside a solitary cello. The music is deconstructed, but it is not lessened; it is different, unbraided. Imagine an ebru painting with a single colour removed, with the lingering paint flowing to fill the emptied space to reveal a new masterpiece. We must identify the colours and melodies to imagine what remains when some are erased and some altered. 

In the Thinking Deep series, through the use of unbundling as a starting point and guiding principle, and the "unbundled" as fuel for our discussions featuring scenarios and rebuttals, we seek to rethink concepts that are central to our lives and imagine alternative realities across time with their components altered or removed.